Japanese Cherry Blossom

 Dear Body Japanese Cherry Blossom  Body Oil   


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Japanese cherry fragrance,which evokes romantic atmosphere,noble and refined,combines musk and sandalwood fragrance.
Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom,blooms in spring every year. The blooming period is short and beautiful,more precious.
It is sweet and fragrant,but it is not boring at all.The attractive and sweet fragrance of flowers is full of cherry blossoms.It is just right for spring.
Because there is no obvious front,middle and base note tone,it smells so faint at any moment that it can be caught inadvertently,just like being in the sea of Japanese cherry blossoms.
It will not make people feel tired or tired of the smell.
Moreover,it is this kind of flowers that will bloom in spring,which will make you feel as if you are reborn and full of energy.
The natural plant extract formula can gently care the skin and bring comfort and peace of mind.
The luxurious plant essence texture is easy to extend and apply, helping the skin absorb quickly.
Provide moisturizing effect for dry skin and give you the most gentle protection.
Multiple uses:
Spa massage can moisturize skin and increase elasticity.
Add it to the bubble bath to make it fragrant and pleasant, and relax your body and mind.
Apply it on the skin to moisturize the skin.


Gender female
Type Oil
Form Body  Care
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 150ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance for men,Noir Crystal for men,Ciater for men,Lost in Amber for men,Scarlet for men.Wild nights,Lost in woods, Noir for men , Love freedom, Warm sunshine, Free breath, Amber Blossom,Pink Velvet,be myself, Warm night, Life Amour,Paradise island, Dream crystal,Enchanted Love,Enchanted Garden,Enchanted Forest,Enchanted Land,Enchanted Secret,Enchanted Gaddness,Enchanted Romance,Enchanted Story,Enchanted Nights ,Enchanted Glamoul


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