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Cherry Blossom

Dear Body Cherry Blossom  Shower Gel 


Article No:87402


It seems to be in the classic Japanese cherry blossom season.
You can feel the soft fragrance brought by the gentle falling of petals under the blooming cherry tree.
Top note:Citrus green tea aroma,bergamot,lemon,orange,orange tree, ingeniously combines the freshness of green tea mist with the warmth of sweet almonds.
The main theme is cherry blossom fragrance:the elegant fragrance of cherry,peony,apricot and peach extracted by patented fragrance extraction technology,combined with the pleasant black plum and green tea,appears more fresh.
Base note woody fragrance:the full charm of birch,clear moss and thought-provoking musk,together with the comfortable and gentle scent of valerian flowers and white lilies,create an exquisite yet unexpected smell feast.
Clean the skin like a facial cleanser,and the skin will feel more gentle and moist on the premise of maintaining ultra-high cleaning power.
Foam is as rich as marshmallow and gently wraps you like clouds.
Go deep into the corners of pores,clean grease and remove dirt.
After use,the skin is tender and full,not tight or dry.It is accompanied by natural body fragrance.





Gender female
Type Liquid
Form Body Care
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 295ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance for men,Noir Crystal for men,Ciater for men,Lost in Amber for men,Scarlet for men.Wild nights,Lost in woods, Noir for men , Love freedom, Warm sunshine, Free breath, Amber Blossom,Pink Velvet,be myself, Warm night, Life Amour,Paradise island, Dream crystal,Enchanted Love,Enchanted Garden,Enchanted Forest,Enchanted Land,Enchanted Secret,Enchanted Gaddness,Enchanted Romance,Enchanted Story,Enchanted Nights ,Enchanted Glamoul


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