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Cyaneous Dream

Body Luxuries Cyaneous Dream  Shower Gel


Article No:CO243906

The top note is super sweet,like canned cherries dotted on the ancient birthday cake,and carefully pickled cherry jam,with thick berry flavor and a little food flavor.
You may be annoyed by it,because this feeling is like eating the sweetest Dim sum in the cake shop.
When the sweetness is gone,there is a faint realistic cherry flavor mixed with it,and then the sour taste is excessive.
The smell of rose and calm patchouli is the end of the fragrance,just like waking up in the morning,lazy and comfortable.
Clean the skin like a facial cleanser,and the skin will feel more gentle and moist on the premise of maintaining ultra-high cleaning power.
Foam is as rich as marshmallow and gently wraps you like clouds.
Go deep into the corners of pores,clean grease and remove dirt.
After use,the skin is tender and full,not tight or dry.It is accompanied by natural body fragrance.


Gender female
Type Liquid
Form Body care
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 350ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance Velvet Sugar/Want to Flay/ Love on the Beach/Sinfonia Vanilla/Coconut Kiss/Spring Woods/Aqua Fantasy/Colorful Amber/Beauty In the City/Be My Wish/Cyaneous Dream/Endless Missing/Eternal Passion /Enchanted Goddess/Forgot You/Glamour Night/Honey Sweetheart/Midnight Whisper/Love Scramble/My Choice/Happy Summer/Pink Champagne/Roaming In The Flowers/Very Body/Air of romance/Enchanted flower/Spring Quite/Night Dating/Summer chic/Magic Garden/Orange Glow/Beautiful Story/Lris Wish/Dancing in the Breeze/Endless Missing/Chasing Colors/Cherish the Moment/Rose Chiffon/Cyaneous Dream/Dancing Flower/Holiday Mood/Dream Crystal/Twilight for men/Ice for men/Noir Crystal for men/Nobleman for men/Cool Breeze for men/


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