Dreamy Glow

 Dear Body  Dreamy Glow  body  Mist


Article No:DE15801

It combines the smell of the sea and sunny days,fresh fruit and Mediterranean plants.It makes people feel as if they are in the Sicilian Mediterranean.It makes people feel relaxed and happy,and it is full of your fragrance against the blue sea.
From beginning to end,it is almost creamy lemon with imperceptible flower fragrance.
It has the taste of orange,but it is more like opening an orange in a forest full of white petals,and you can even see the orange juice bursting into the air mist.
The taste gradually became elegant,like a gust of wind.
It drives the fragrance of flowers,wood,and the sun to shake slightly,breaking up the taste of citrus and mixing together.
Slowly,the taste of orange basically disappeared,but it was still elusive.
There were only a few white clouds in the sky,which just covered the sun and lost the heat of the sun.A burst of rosewood fragrance floated in time,but it was sweet and not greasy.
Then it gradually fades away,and people want to find the source of the fragrance again.It seems to come from all directions,or come out of nowhere,and go away in a hurry.


Gender female
Type Perfume
Form spray
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 250ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance Romance Escape,Amorous Palm,Passion Moment,Warm Sweet Lily, Sparkling Crystal,Sparkling Amber,Spaekling glow,Sparkling Starry,Enchanted Dream,Enchanted Love,Enchanted Story,Enchanted Glamour,Scarlet Spreading,Chasing Colors,Dense Flower,Relaxing Vines,Missing Dream,Plumage Potions,Falling Flame,Roaming In The Flowers,Darling Buds,Beark Of Dawn,Midnight Orchid ,Chilly Night, Dreamy Glow, Secret In The Garden ,Sparkling Night, Dazzling Dimond,Flora Bloom, Fallen Petals, Pink Fantasia,Nature Spell Unaging, Charm Seduction Unaging, Tempting Love Unaging ,Mizzle Love Unaging,Runaway Heart, Kissing in The Rain, A Day In Spring, Golden Shadows,Girl Night, Wild Party, Angel Bitten, Charms Life,Pink Champagne, Faling Flame, Night Dating, Sensual Nigh



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