1瓶 mist 拷贝 6
1瓶 mist 拷贝 6-1
1瓶 mist 拷贝 6
1瓶 mist 拷贝 6-1

Fantasy Dream

 Dear Body  Fantasy  Dream  body  Mist


Article No:7E661

At first,the fruit beer with peach flavor,supplemented by astringent plant flavor,is sour and fishy,with the stimulation of rust and laundry soap.This stage is very scary and makes people feel dizzy and vomiting.
The middle note is not so scary.The cinnamic acid saliva is still there,and the roses are extremely dry and dim,with the salty air dried tears,but they are also gaunt and beautiful.
If this is a rose wine,it is also an old wine with special flavor.
Then the impression of being thin and skinny was constantly enlarged.The saffron and a little vetiver,slightly sour,had obvious metal texture,and was very cold.
In the middle note,the rose is reborn and becomes full gradually.With vitality,it still has a sour feeling,but it is just the adjustment in the perfection,which makes it not too easy to achieve perfection.
Gradually,the rose even became a little pungent,and became a flower again,with the ability to attract bees and butterflies.


Gender female
Type Perfume
Form spray
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 250ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance Romance Escape,Amorous Palm,Passion Moment,Warm Sweet Lily, Sparkling Crystal,Sparkling Amber,Spaekling glow,Sparkling Starry,Enchanted Dream,Enchanted Love,Enchanted Story,Enchanted Glamour,Scarlet Spreading,Chasing Colors,Dense Flower,Relaxing Vines,Missing Dream,Plumage Potions,Falling Flame,Roaming In The Flowers,Darling Buds,Beark Of Dawn,Midnight Orchid ,Chilly Night, Dreamy Glow, Secret In The Garden ,Sparkling Night, Dazzling Dimond,Flora Bloom, Fallen Petals, Pink Fantasia,Nature Spell Unaging, Charm Seduction Unaging, Tempting Love Unaging ,Mizzle Love Unaging,Runaway Heart, Kissing in The Rain, A Day In Spring, Golden Shadows,Girl Night, Wild Party, Angel Bitten, Charms Life,Pink Champagne, Faling Flame, Night Dating, Sensual Nigh,Lazy Afternoon, Fantasy Dream, Whole Love


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