2023 / 12 / 25

Merry Christmas

Long long ago,

Bethlehem gave birth to a baby.

Magi from the East,

Following the guidance of the stars.

Come to the new Jewish monarch,

And presented three highly symbolic treasures.


Gold,Frankincense and Myrrh.

Gold symbolizes the noble status of the child.

Frankincense symbolizes his holiness and rebirth.

But Myrrh,

It shows the suffering and death he will suffer.


Then here come the Christmas.


Frankincense and Myrrh.

As the central axis of Western incense burning,

Its status is equivalent to that of sandalwood in the East.

Although both are resin from olive family trees,

But they are totally different.

Frankincense color is milky white with a greenish tint,

Just like the lemon fresh breath,

It make you feel full of vitality.


And myrrh with a strong medicinal texture,

The color is red and black, and the smell is heavy,

The symbolism of suffering and death is also appropriate.


Whether you’re holding a cup of tea,coffee or wine,

Whether you’re at home,on the road or in a foreign land,

Sincerely bless you and me,

Merry Christmas!


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