2024 / 02 / 21

The Pure Gala Orchid Collection

A symphony of elegance and grace. Envelop yourself in the enchanting top notes of Sweet Pea, Watery Pear, Logan Berry, and Rhubarb, creating a delicate and sophisticated aura. Transition into the heart of the fragrance with Cyclamen, Freesia, and Raspberry, adding a floral touch to the composition. Finally, the journey concludes with a soft, lingering note of musk. Elevate your daily routine with our Pure Gala Orchid bodymist, bodycream, and showergel, each meticulously crafted to embrace you in the pure essence of sophistication.

Pure Gala Orchid Bodymist:
Step into a realm of refined fragrance with our Pure Gala Orchid Bodymist. The sweet and watery top notes blend seamlessly, leaving a subtle trail of sophistication. Let the delicate floral heart notes and the gentle musk undertone linger, creating an aura of pure elegance that lasts throughout the day.

Pure Gala Orchid Bodycream:
Indulge your senses in the luxurious Pure Gala Orchid Bodycream. Enriched with the essence of Cyclamen, Freesia, and Raspberry, this creamy formula provides deep hydration, leaving your skin velvety smooth. Immerse yourself in the lingering musk end tone, as the bodycream embraces you in an aura of timeless grace.

Pure Gala Orchid Showergel:
Transform your shower into a fragrant sanctuary with Pure Gala Orchid Showergel. The delicate fusion of watery pear, logan berry, and rhubarb in the top notes cleanses and revitalizes, while the floral heart notes and musky undertones linger, creating a captivating and refreshing experience. Immerse yourself in the pure sophistication of Gala Orchid.


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