1瓶 mist 拷贝 7
1瓶 mist 拷贝 7-1
1瓶 mist 拷贝 7
1瓶 mist 拷贝 7-1

Whole Love

 Dear Body  Whole Love  body  Mist


Article No:7E671

It is a delicious feast made of almonds and vanilla,which is like an ice cream paradise.
Nutty almonds may remind people of frosting when they smell them for the first time,but the middle note and creamy floral fragrance brings out a pinch of green,which has a slightly watery floral fragrance,not only blending the fat and powder from nuts,but also making the vanilla more mellow and smooth.
Basically,you can’t feel a lot of fat and powder texture in the middle and later stages.
Vanilla,almond,coconut and sandalwood are the most obvious fragrances. They all have one thing in common,that is,they have a sweet creamy feeling.
The red toxin created under this structure has a mellow milk fragrance,soft and natural,like the warm body smell when close to the skin.
Shortly after the first spray,this delicious milk fragrance will be combined with jasmine and tuberose.These two kinds of white flowers haunt each other. Jasmine gives the impression of purity,while tuberose brings the smell of sensuality.
This kind of sexy,not like the external enchantment of red lips,is more like the undercurrent surging under the skin bag,the sexy caution machine under the gentle and pure feeling.


Gender female
Type Perfume
Form spray
Scents floral/ woody/spicy/fruity
Volume 250ml
Brand Dear Body
Fragrance Romance Escape,Amorous Palm,Passion Moment,Warm Sweet Lily, Sparkling Crystal,Sparkling Amber,Spaekling glow,Sparkling Starry,Enchanted Dream,Enchanted Love,Enchanted Story,Enchanted Glamour,Scarlet Spreading,Chasing Colors,Dense Flower,Relaxing Vines,Missing Dream,Plumage Potions,Falling Flame,Roaming In The Flowers,Darling Buds,Beark Of Dawn,Midnight Orchid ,Chilly Night, Dreamy Glow, Secret In The Garden ,Sparkling Night, Dazzling Dimond,Flora Bloom, Fallen Petals, Pink Fantasia,Nature Spell Unaging, Charm Seduction Unaging, Tempting Love Unaging ,Mizzle Love Unaging,Runaway Heart, Kissing in The Rain, A Day In Spring, Golden Shadows,Girl Night, Wild Party, Angel Bitten, Charms Life,Pink Champagne, Faling Flame, Night Dating, Sensual Nigh,Lazy Afternoon, Fantasy Dream, Whole Love


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